Monday, July 31, 2023


Zoning ordinances are responsible for a lot of the problems in this country. Zoning commissions' realms should be limited to deciding boundaries for commercial, industrial, light industrial, residential, retail, etc. development.

In most cities, around 3/4 of the residential property is designated single family housing. One thing this means is people need a car or cars to live there. The areas are not conducive to public transportation.

Single use zoning can suck. Someone should be able to run a small business out of their house. For example, a mechanic can charge a fraction of what it would cost by working out of his or her garage vs. having his or her own shop somewhere else.

There shouldn't be minimal lot size requirements. A typical residential lot could be broken up into two or three lots for tiny homes. Someone could buy one of these for a fraction of the cost of a typical starter home, build up equity, then move up to a normal house, as opposed to throwing money away on rent.

If a developer develops a chunk of land into residential units, they can do whatever they want with it. Then, it is established that way and there are usually HOAs. If someone wants to build apartments, so what? If someone wants to put in a trailer park, so? And if someone buys a lot they should be able to put whatever kind of housing on it that they wish.

Cities and counties should be planned around diversity. Zoning commissions get in the way of this and cause a lot of problems. A bunch of people shouldn't be able to go into a city or county and turn (buy) it into an exclusionary area.

Micro apartments are getting zoned out. How many people would be off the street or in better and/or safer living situations if there were more of these things.

It used to be normal for all kinds of people to live in boarding houses (SROs). As people migrated to the suburbs, this left the places filled with poor people, so they got zoned out through maximum occupancy limits. Not many of these around anymore.