Saturday, July 29, 2023

Public Transportation


Most cites here aren't really laid out very well for public transportation. So, with bus systems, the organizations running these systems can only do so much even with a generous budget.

However, a lot of these systems could use a lot of improvement. It depends on the city, but they have numerous issues including scheduling, maintenance, strikes, and driver shortages.

I've talked about problems where solutions are possible without government spending or subsidies. If there is one area where subsidies could have a strong impact, this is probably it. 

There's a lot of lower income service and retail workers that work nights and weekends at restaurants and stores such as Walmart and Target and grocery stores. Most bus systems only operate up to a certain time in the evening, and have very limited service on weekends. These workers need this transportation because they don't have money for cars.

Another idea would be to have these businesses (the larger ones at least) that employ these workers during these off hours subsidize these systems. Top executives at these larger chains and box stores make millions and millions of dollars every year. Their pay has increased enormously over the last 40 years. Their workers would be happier if they had transportation opportunities as most of them are scraping by as it is.

Another option would be to have nonprofits run supplemental bus services during these times. Businesses can write-off donations to these nonprofits. 

The primary focus here could be to service routes from areas, or strips (places with a lot of retail and restaurants), to the other sides of town. This would get a lot of people moving.

Most people working non-managerial positions at these types of places are strapped for cash. They don't have money for cars, repairs, gas, and insurance.

An example of the benefits associated with something like this: if a person who doesn't have money for a car has other options, they might be able to afford health insurance which they are lacking, thereby lowering healthcare costs for everyone.