Sunday, July 23, 2023

Urban Landscape

Traditionally, cities have been built around things like rivers, railroads or highways. Or, highways were run through cities in all kinds of directions. This can be very inefficient. These things can impede the flow of traffic through an area and make it hard to navigate. 

Rivers are nice, but it's better not to have them run through the middle of an urban area. A better alternative is to have more urban green spaces. Parks, which vary in design, can have ponds, dog parks, public swimming pools, etc. 

Older cities were usually started around a port or on a river where things could be brought in via waterways. Physical distribution options were limited. Then, inland cities became more common as railroads, and then highways, became prevalent.

Some cities grew very large due to a lack of transportation, communication and physical distribution options, thereby becoming major hubs.  These things aren't issues anymore. Smaller cities are a lot more practical